Pragya Yuva Prakoshth Bihar:Empowering Youth & Children Since 1995

About Us

Build up a good personality, to manage study subjects,time management,stress management,pressure removal,to maintain enthusiasm, to engaged in social works like serving in Bal Sanskarshala, Plantation,Cleaning of the rivers,anti-addiction movement,meditation and yoga practices,self help establishment,social awareness,weekly group meeting,career counselling seminars,youth expo,time contribution in literature expansion of thought revolution movement of AWGP.


PYPbihar is the largest youth community and an NPO(Non-Profit Organization) of state having thousand

Vision and Inspiration

Our vision is to provide a better platform to struggling and emerging youth who steps to patna from

Ganga tat ki - subah

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संकल्प और शक्ति

यह सच है कि संकल्प के अभाव मे शक्ति कोई महत्व और मूल्य नहीं है, उसी प्रकार यह भी सच है कि शक्ति के अभाव मे संकल्प भी पूरे नहीं …